A trademark distinguishes the goods and services of one undertaking from those of others. A trademark gives the proprietor a monopoly right to use the protected mark, as well as a right to prohibit others from using confusingly similar marks. A trademark is an effective way of protecting a brand. A trademark stores the goodwill value of a brand. Trademark rights are also essential in domain disputes.

A trademark can be e.g. word, logo or slogan. It can be owned by a company or individual and it is in force for 10 years from registration. There is no limit to how many times a trademark can be renewed.

We advise on all matters related to trademarks according to our client’s needs. Below are some of the more common trademark services we offer. If you do not find a service, that meets your specific requirements, please contact us and we will come up with a suitable solution for you/ your company.

Trademark protection

  • Conducting and analysing availability searches world-wide
  • Analysis of registrability, and, if required, assessment of alternative forms of protection.
  • Word-wide trademark registration services

Trademark watching service

Global watching service covering confusingly similar 3rd party trademark applications. A watching service allows the client to react quickly to potential threats, thus making it easier and cheaper to deal with said threats.

Trademark strategy

  • Review of trademark portfolio; assessment of weakness and strengths
  • Optimising protection strategy and implementation of protection world-wide
  • Advice and planning related to the correct use of trademark in a company and in advertising (e.g. drafting a TM manual)

Other trademark services

  • Advisory services; advice on all matters related to trade marks including potential trade mark infringement and 3rd party trade mark use
  • Trademark revocation and invalidation actions world-wide
  • Trademark oppositions world-wide
  • Recordal of assignments and licenses world-wide
  • Drafting of assignments and licenses
  • Trademark portfolio management