Wilmark Oy

Founded in 2016, Wilmark Oy offers a comprehensive array of brand protection and intellectual property law services, specializing in trademarks and designs. During the last 20 years, the company founder and IP lawyer Ville Patja has gained extensive experience both in United Kingdom and Finland representing all types of companies from a small start-ups to multinational corporations.

Our services are always tailored according to each client’s unique commercial needs, whether it is a one-off trademark application or long-term IP-portfolio management. We strive to make intellectual property law understandable, and the basis of our services is always the client’s commercial advantage.

To be able to serve our clients even more thoroughly, we have co-operated with Koivisto PatentIT Oy since 2017 to widen our services to cover also patents and utility models.

Ville Patja
IP lawyer, LLM
Registered Trademark and Design Attorney (EU, UK, Finland)

Titta Patja
IP assistant

Harri Koivisto
EU Patent Attorney
Koivisto PatentIT Oy